Why call Barossa Gawler Maintenance to
Service your Evaporative Air Conditioner?

Your Health and Safety

You breath the air that comes through the air conditioner. During a service we clean out the dirt, built up water scale and mould that had accumulated in it. We then disinfect the unit.Without servicing, over time the dirt and dust will build up and enter the ducting, this then enters you house and can cause major health concerns, especially for anyone with respiratory problems. If your air conditioner smells when you turn it on give us a call and book in for a service.

Maximize Efficiency and Longevity

A little maintenance goes a long way. A clean air conditioner works more efficiently than a dirty one. As well as cleaning the unit, during a service check all the parts and components to ensure they are working correctly, this can avoid many future problems. When serviced regularly, parts such as pumps, fan motors and other vital components should give years of problem free use.

Reduce Liability

If you own or are responsible for a rental property or commercial premises you need to provide your tenants and or staff with a safe and clean environment and this includes the air that comes out of the air conditioner. It needs to be clean and cool. We can organise regular servicing where upon an owners approval we will contact the tenants and organise a service convenient with them. It is also a good opportunity to find out about any small problems or changes noticed by the tenants that may not have been previously reported.

Ease and Peace of Mind

Call us and book a service and you no longer have to worry about yourself or a family member climbing a ladder and working on the roof. Our staff are trained to work safely on you property and are fully insured. Once serviced you can relax knowing that your unit has been worked on by a professional.

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