Cool tips for your Evaporative Air-Conditioner

Mar 16 2016

Follow these tips and hints to keep your house cool in hot weather:

  1. Have some windows open. Hot air can vent out of the house as you add more cool air in.
  2. Don’t wait until the house is too hot before you turn on your air-con. During a hot period turn it on in the morning before things heat up and keep the unit on to maintain the house temperature at a comfortable level. You won’t need to run it on high in the afternoon once things are heating up.
  3. Make sure the unit is kept clean. A summer start-up and winter shut-down service is recommended.
  4. If your unit has a thermostat or ‘Auto’ setting use it on hot nights. You won’t be woken up if by your house getting too cold.
  5. If your unit is an older system with just pump and fan switches, make sure you run the pump for a few minutes before the fan. This avoids a blast of hot air until the pads are wet through.
  6. An evaporative system is very cheap to run compared to a refrigerated system. If it’s hot then turn it on. Any external shade you can provide to your home from blinds, shutters and verandas will also help to reduce the running costs.

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