Hot Tips for a Hot Heater

Feb 19 2016

  1. Always burn hard, dry wood such as red gum, mallee stumps, sawn mallee, sugar gum etc.
    Avoid soft woods or wood with a high sap or oil content such as pine.
  2. Make sure the wood has been seasoned or aged. This means it has been left for at least a year or two after it was cut down.
  3. Make sure the wood is dry.  Store it out of the weather.  This includes any kindling.  Collect dead sticks or twigs and leave them for at least a day undercover.
  4. Firelighters are a good way to get the fire going quickly.
  5. Make sure the fire starts well, getting it hot quickly avoids any smouldering and the fire burns more cleanly and will not block the flue.
  6. Start small and build up. Put some twigs and sticks on top of a firelighter with some larger sticks on top and once that is alight slowly add small or split logs. Wait until the fire is well under way or you have some red coals before you put in a large log.
  7. If your heater has an in-built fan, wait until the fire is hot before you turn it on.

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